Leisure Time, Nature & Outdoor Activities In South- Western Finland

Casually & Trustworthly on Land, in the Forest and on the Lakeside

We offer adventure and natural experiences based on storytelling, quality and genuineness. Slow Food- Slow Tour- Slow Sauna are our slogans.

To really feel the healing power of the nature we make slow food from the most pure & fresh ingredients of the season- wildfood straight from the wilds.

Nature offers us food- paths, we make freshly caught fish by open fire and our teepee- kitchen is available all troughout the year.

We are active in the forest & on the lakeside in all 4 seasons.

In midsummer you’ll enjoy the speciality of the fresh and green scandinavian summer.

In the springtime and autumn you’ll feel and taste the specialities of the season.

In the wintertime you’ll be suprised by the forming of the ice-cover on the lake- when this enigmatic phenomenon has taken place we’ll go ice-fishing and kick-biking on the lake.

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